Q. What type of phone systems do we offer? Manufacturers?
A. We provide hosted IP-PBX services. Typically use Cisco 7960,7940. ATA 186,188 Devices can be various based on customer requirements
Q. Why should you choose us for your  telephone system needs?
A. - Several years of expertise in managing PBX for large enterprise customers with hundreds of users in multi branch environments.
- Great expertise in managing IT for small and medium sized customers
- Best breed of hosted technology and services in the market.
- Ability to support each customers needs.
- A commitment to our customers satisfaction
Q. How do you charge for your services?
A. Setup fee per extension, includes configuration and initial setup based on type of services requested.
Monthly fee based on extensions and services.
Temporary solutions are available : Construction sites, temporary call centers, and emergency services.
Q. What type of installation services and support do we provide?
A. - Based on the reason for the requirement of services and the level of IT proficiency of the customer, we can provide additional levels of Implementation services:
- Ongoing maintenance and monitoring services are available.
 - Project management services are available for new office , relocation and reorganization processes.
 - Inventory, analysis and reporting of voice and data infrastructure
 - De-commissioning circuits and other services and follow-up
- Network design and relocation management services.
- Network design, cabling and implementation.
- End to end solutions available.


Q. What carrier's) do we represent?
A. ALL and NONE: We are carrier agnostic. Our solutions comes with default carrier services provided by a combination of Tier I and II carriers enabling best quality and unbeatable prices all around for US and International.  We work with all carriers.
Enterprise customers : By using our services you are NOT forced to use our carrier services. For instance, all carriers will offer you their hosted pBX service, but then you are tied to them for your traffic and it's difficult to interoperate between carriers. On the other and, with us , you are FREE to choose your carrier if you want.  We allow you to bring your own circuits  into our facility if that is what you need. It works when you need the PBX services, and other origination or termination services, but you are also into existing carrier commitments.
Q. What kind of volume discounts do we provide?
A. - We provide termination services for US and international at WHOLESALE prices. - for business customers we provide unlimited local and long distance
- Discounts are available on more than 50 extensions and term commitments.
Q. How long does it take to switch to our plan / set up a new plan?
A. 1-3 weeks based on complexity, local number portability issues. New lines can be provisioned immediately. Customer must allow shipping time for receiving IP phones. Customer can provide their own phones